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Flexxfloors Click Deluxe Flooring

Flexxfloors Click Deluxe Flooring | Homeware Online

Flexxfloors Click floors are an easy and time efficient way to install your floor. Using the click-system like laminates there is no need for the use of adhesive. The sub floor should be a clean, flat, hard and dry surface for installation. The Click Professional floors have the Vällinge 5G click for a quicker installation, leading to seamless joints. The result is an amazingly smooth floor, low maintenance and durable.

By offering a wide variety of colours, textures and finishes, you can create a look unique in your home.  Flexxfloors is available in a wide choice of different systems. In addition to the best selling Click range, we also offer self-adhesive Stick, Loose Lay and Dry Back.

Each system has it’s own attributes and you can be sure to find the right solution for your living space and style. What’s more, Flexxfloors is easy to maintain, durable and guaranteed to last for many years to come. Flexxfloors, your smartest choice; 

 • Comfortable warm and soft

 • Moisture resistant, suitable for kitchen and bathroom

 • Ideal for underfloor heating

 • Easy to clean

 • Easy to install without noise and dust

• Dimensions per plank: Length 121.3cm, Depth 0.4cm, Width 17.1cm