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25 May 2017

Put a Spring in Your Step

Hello Spring! The temperature is heating up outside, which means it's time to shed some of those cozy winter layers. While our wardrobes trade in plush parkas and warm wools for light linens and flip flops, our homes are also ready for a refresh. Now is the perfect time to pack away heavy winter throws and lighten up your living space.
If you are thinking about changing your flooring, ripping up the carpets, or swapping your laminate flooring for something less noisy and looks more like wood then why not check out our exciting Flexxfloors 25% Spring Offer.
Changing the flooring in your home can really change the overall look of a room. Laying wide planks can make a room look bigger, more spacious. Luxury vinyl tiles look as good as the natural wood or stone but without the drawbacks. A hallway, is likely to experience more footfall than other rooms in the home and natural woods can show marks and scratches if not protected, but sanding a natural wood floor to remove scratches is a messy and costly business, creating a lot of dust! With Flexxfloors you don’t need to worry about sanding or varnishing it is an easy floor to live with.
Flexxfloors, is one of the smartest choice of flooring available now in the UK and offers you a choice of designs and colourways within its collection. This affordable range of high quality PVC flooring has been inspire by nature and includes woods, stones and slates. The Flexxfloors are available in 5 different qualities, Basic, Premium, Deluxe, Style and Professional. The tiles can be installed in 3 different ways; Click, Stick and Dry Back.

Want to get the look this Spring?

‘Shabby chic it’
Shabby chic laminate flooring balances the elegant and beautiful with the old and worn, giving it that new, yet aged appeal that will add a unique touch to any room. Personalize your space by adding a touch of vintage shabby chic wood floors without the hassle. Shabby chic laminate has the look of showing age and signs of wear which give it that distressed appearance but still a smooth finish for your home.
Why not ‘shabby sheek’ it with our wide selection of luxury vinyls for; vintage, smoked and weathered oak flooring.

‘Go Natural’
Nothing defines a space quite like a natural looking parquet flooring. Whether you’re updating a family room or restyling a bedroom, bring natural wooden tones to life with this classically creative style.
As open-plan living becomes a growing trend, many of us find ourselves looking for that unique interior edge to give it a personal touch. Parquet flooring is a great way to style up a minimal space, without needing to add furniture or accessories. It turns your floor into a feature, that can be as striking or as subtle as you like.
Check out Flexxfloors stick deluxe range of natural grey oaks and sawcut white .

‘Monochrome it’
Black and white is the most versatile of colour schemes and remains firmly in vogue year after year. Monochrome has moved on in leaps and bounds from the classic checkerboard flooring design with many varying interpretations of this classic staying popular in British interior design for decades. Try heavy black styling for dramatic effect with hints of white to highlight, or in complete contrast stark white floors with black accents and accessories.

For a more relaxed look bring monochrome into the 21st century with a whitewashed wood effect laminate, or a textured grey carpet, giving your home a perfect backdrop to build on. With this neutral setting you can afford to be as creative or as minimalistic as you choose with furniture, soft furnishings and accessories. Add punches of colours – and all colour complements monochrome – to add subliminal warmth or a zesty energy.

Forget all your preconceived ideas of monochrome; it really can create the most theatrical of scenes as well as building a sense of peace and tranquillity, just get creative and use it to inject your own style. By creating a grand hallway or striking bathroom with monochrome tiled flooring to really add that ‘wow factor’ with Flexxfloors stick premium black and white tiles range.

Be inspired and find the best flooring for your home by checking out our 25% bank holiday deal [link to Flexx floors deal]


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