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13 Feb 2017

Love is Blind

There are functional elements to consider when choosing the right window blind, such as privacy, light control, insulation and style. Intensions window blinds offer the follow style of blinds:

Roller Blinds are a popular and versatile window treatment, adding a contemporary elegance to any home.  Available in a range of materials, colours and patterns makes them a suitable for all rooms including kitchens and bathrooms. Easy to operate, a made to measure roller blind is an affordable and fashionable choice to update any interior room.

Did you know there are different styles of roller blinds available?

Blackout - Blackout blinds are particularly suitable for children’s rooms to help prevent them from waking too early

Daylight & Translucent - Are the ideal choice when privacy is required with natural light, such as bathrooms, bedrooms or home office. The translucent fabric helps to screen out harsh light but protects your privacy by not allowing view through in to your room.

Day & Night - Day & Night roller blinds give the dual benefits of diffused shade and protection from sun glare. The double fabric allows one of the materials to have a more open weave allowing natural light into a room yet still provides complete privacy when chosen.

If you are looking for something more stylish then check out the Intensions Pleated Blind range. Pleated window blinds help to filter light and regulate temperature making them a practical and sophisticated choice for any home. The pleats fold neatly back, making the most of the natural light in a room. Extremely versatile these blinds can be opened from top down, bottom up or a combination of the two ensuring total control of light and visibility.

Alternatively you may want to consider Venetian blinds, a classic choice for home owners wanting to revamp a room with a more modern look. Venetian Blinds are often selected for home offices, living areas kitchens or bathrooms due to the simple elegant clean lines and practical easy to look after functionality. Intensions Venetian blinds are available in wood and aluminium.

Vertical blinds could be another consideration depending on your needs. Sleek, modern, vertical blinds can be supplied wider than most style blinds, making them an ideal choice for large windows and patio and sliding doors.  They can easily slide to one side  when needed  and provide a practical way to reduce direct sunlight.  Along with the adjusting mechanism from open or closed position, vertical blinds can slide to the left or the right. This either lets in more natural light or completely closes the room from the outside for maximum privacy.

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