Is Your Child Minion Mad?
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29 Jun 2017

Is Your Child Minion Mad?

Is Your Child Minion Mad?

Bello! Is your child despicable mad and wanting to add a little bit of minion fun and madness to their bedroom décor? Then look no further because we’ve come up with some creative ideas to bring these loveable characters to life… 

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1.    Colour the room ‘Minion style’

So before you start buying every Minion bed set, wall clock, bedside light and other bedroom related decors it is important to realise that your child’s taste is likely to change. So why not create an original and tasteful room scheme using a Minion colour palette. Choose a pale grey for walls then accessorise the room with some bold, brightly coloured; shelves, hooks and window finals in colours of denim blue, jet black and the infamous ‘ban-nan-na’, yellow. As a compromise, introduce just a few of the friendly goggled faces that can be updated easily as your child’s tastes change.

2.    Dress your child’s windows

 It’s best to avoid Minion patterned curtains, unless you want to be greeted by googly-eyed Minion’s  everytime you walk into your child’s bedroom. I would suggest either dressing the windows with some quirky blue dip finials or if your feeling a bit braver go with fun coloured curtains or blinds in; blue, banana yellow or black that can remain in your child’s room long after this Minion craze passes. 

3.    Favourite movie wall decals

Wall decals are a great non-permanent way to stay up to date with your child’s favorite movies.  There are so many wall decorations out there, however, a well- known favourite is one that doubles up as a growth chart. A tower of Minions, including characters like; Tom, Carl, Jerry, Kevin, and Phil balancing together to create a structure perfect for measuring your child’s growth. (found on RoomMates from Amazon). Another alternative would be to have a poster, these are always a good choice as they are so versatile.

4.    ‘Minion it-up’ with furnishings

Why not create a Minion ‘chill out zone’ in your child’s bedroom with a comfy Minions bean bag. You can also look to turn the Minions into a force for good upcycling old furniture into colour replicas.

Your child will think your great, they will be saying, ‘Tulaliloo ti amo, Tulaliloo ti amo!’


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