6 ways to Jazz up your home Grand Designs style, with free show tickets
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10 Apr 2017

6 ways to Jazz up your home Grand Designs style, with free show tickets

Do you ever walk into your house and just feel that it needs a freshen up?

Admit it, once in a while we all long to do something more dramatic, to decorate with impact statement accessories to brighten up a room especially now that winter is starting to kick in.

Today is your lucky day as we will be having a prize draw for your chance to win two free tickets to the Grand Design’s show, on 14th – 15th October 2017, simply email e.gettings@uk.fetimgroup.comto enter, reference ‘GrandDesigns2017’.

Here’s some simple ways you can jazz up your home:

1. Have a concept

What really makes a statement is when you have a strong concept from the very beginning about the direction you want to go. Define a concept up front that you carry through all the way to the end of the design process. Such as;dramatic architecture of high ceilings, yet still minimalistic,creating a concept of sophisticated monochrome elegance, from white washed walls and striking black and white art deco patterned furniture to jet black quirky shelving.

2. Experiment with materials

Looking for something a little bit unique and different? Some of the top designers make statement pieces with colour and material, from glossy whites, quilted green Astro-turf to wooden flooringwhich could be used as wall coverings and panels.

3. Limit your colour palette

While it may sound contradictory, using fewer colours, it is actually a bolder move rather than using a wide range of colour. Sometimes the most effective rooms are just two colours. Such as;black and white monochrome trends, to botanical greens and whites. Using limited colours can have a sophisticated yet striking design to the overall look of your interiors.

 4. Simplify materials

Use the same fabric, whether it's floral or solidoak, on every piece of upholstered furniture in the room. If you've got a patterned fabric, make a statement by using it in huge quantities. Dressing up your interiors with oak;  flooring, shelving and furniture such as; an oak coffee table or side unit. Also you could  match draperies and upholstery in the same fabric,  such as; a matching rug or cushions.

5. Learn to edit

Intentional minimalism makes an impact. When you buy items and bring them home over time, you lose the big picture.. It's easy to keep adding accessories to your interiors and before you know it, you've got too much. The eye has a way of ignoring things you've seen for a long time. So it’s worth removing everything from all the surfaces in a room and then putting them back one at a time, in different spots.

6. Mix and Match

Add some personality and some free-spirited home décor  to your interiors by going for the Bohemian look,creating a fun yet vibrant feel to your home surroundings. It’s perfect for those who like to combine bright colours,bold patterns and textures. You can even mix vintagewith contemporary. Alternatively mixing styles by adding a little but of scandinavian or boho to your living space is a refreshingly colourful oasis. 


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