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12 Apr 2017

5 Ways to Freshen up your bathroom

April has arrived, Spring is here and this is the month most homeowners look to deep clean and freshen up their homes. If you are looking to revamp your bathroom, but think you can't afford to replace it, don't worry there are a number of ways to update your bathroom that will add a designer touch and look and won't break the bank.

5 ways to refresh your bathroom

We have 5 hot tips to share with you that stylists and interior designers use when creating a coordinated look that will not only add a fashionable element to your bathroom but provide practical benefits too.

1. Update your Bathroom Accessories

When was the last time you changed your toilet brush holder or come to think of soap dish? These everyday items can collect germs, mildew and build up residues over time. Did you know that your toilet brush should be replaced every 12 months?

Bathroom accessories come in a range of styles and with a wide choice of items. Swap your soap dish for a smart looking soap dispenser, add hooks to hold your bathrobe or hang your towel so it is within easy access. Replace the plastic toilet roll holder with a modern and robust metal one. Whatever you style, if you are looking for cool chrome, modern metals or a more retro vintage style then take a look at the Haceka Bathroom Collections where style and quality are in abundance at affordable prices.

2. Add a bath screen

Shower curtains are unhygienic and can look dated. Replacing it with a glass bath screen is an easy way to upgrade the look of your bathroom. A bath screen will also provide more light, look elegant and add a touch of luxury. 

3. Colour

The majority of bathrooms are white, which is fine, a timeless and popular choice for most homes, but it can also look sterile and cold. Adding a touch of colour can personalise your bathroom space. Updating your window blind is a safe way to add colour and design in to your bathroom without distracting from the overall interior look. Window blinds are easy to wipe and keep clean so ideal for bathrooms as well as adding privacy. 

4. Storage

Bathrooms, Cloak rooms and En-suites by nature are often the smallest room in the home so thinking about ways to keep surfaces clear will help to maximize the space available. Having a double towel rail or shelf in the bathroom means you can store more than one family members towel. Including a basket to hold shampoos and bathing products is a neat way to store the products and keeps them off the shower tray floor or side of the bath. There is a wide range of bathroom accessory products available and in different sizes and designs that will coordinate with your home style.

5. Glue not Screw

There have been a number of advancements made in the bathroom industry over the years, but one that not only makes life easier for the installer or DIY enthusiast but makes a design statement in the bathroom is when furniture and accessories are free hanging and off the floor. There is a new super strong adhesive glue called HangOn which is now readily available. This glue means you don't have to screw your towel rail into the wall, or toilet roll holder, soap dispenser, in fact any item less than 25kg you can glued to the wall instead. Floating bathroom furniture, toilet pan and accessories such as the toilet brush means the floor space is clear and easy to clean, no unsightly screws. Your bathroom will have a look and feel of coordinated design and contemporary style.

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